Press Filters

Filtro Prensa de membrana
varios filtros prensa

The Putsch® press filter systems are part of the standard equipment used for decades by the sugar and sweetener industries. 

Over 1,000 press filters have been successfully installed and commissioned throughout the world. Putsch® products are known worldwide in filtration and environmental technology industries, and in all plants dedicated to the production of glass and sugar, thanks to their quality and reliability. 

The high degree of diversification achieved by Putsch® is the result of constant innovation.


  • Manufacture of Pigments and Dyes
  • Food and Agriculture Industry
  • Chemical / Petrochemical Industry
  • Recycling and Environment
  • Pharmaceutical Industry and Biotechnology
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Mining and Minerals 





Manufacture of Pigments and Dyes


Many applications in this industry require a reliable service 24/7. A corrosive environment, high temperatures and an often unstable atmosphere require a suitable design. The Putsch® filtration systems were created to meet these requirements. Conventional systems such as drum filters and centrifuges have been satisfactorily replaced by press filters. 

   Typical applications:

   Titanium dioxide (TiO2) (finish/desalination and waste/neutralization)
   Caustic soda



Food and Agriculture Industry

Putsch® press filters and juice purification systems are standard applications for the sugar industry. A high performance design and a high level of automation make these filters the ideal choice for many applications in this market.   

   Typical applications:

   Wine and juices
   Edible oils
   “Green Energies” (Bioethanol)
   Animal waste
   Sugar and sweetening processes



Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

quimicaPutsch® press filter systems offer extensive capabilities with fully automated process for the industry. Corrosion and abrasion-resistant materials and a solid design for 24/7 operation make these filtration systems the ideal choice for this market. 

   Typical applications:

   Calcium carbonate (CaCO3)
   Barium sulphide (fluid finish)
   Silicates (product and waste)
   Polymers (fibres)
   Brine solution (recovery cooling)





Recycling and Environment

recicladoFor this type of industry, Putsch® offers various press filter designs, in addition to assistance in development in our test laboratory.

   Typical applications:

   Stone processing (cutting, gravel polishing and washing applications)
Plastic fibres (carpet recycling)
Power plants
(flue gas desulphurization, REA)
Industrial waste
Chemical waste 





Pharmaceutical Industry and Biotechnology

farmaciaThe demand for carefully controlled processes and clean environments can be met with Putsch® press filter systems. Our software and enclosures meet this challenge. 

   Typical applications:


   Blood plasma




Pulp and Paper 

papelAlthough centrifuges are the preferred option as dehydration equipment in this industry, press filter systems have achieved better results with regard to the rate of capture of solids, final moisture content and salt removal (cake washing).

   Typical applications:

   Green liquor (soda recovery)
   Coating waste treatment






Mining and Minerals

mineralesThe demand for large capacity press filters for harsh environments makes Putsch® press filter systems, with their innovative cake unloading system, an economical option for this industry. 

   Typical applications:

   Mineral concentrate
   Flotation sludge
   Clay (kaolin, bentonite, ceramics)